West African Cotton Company Ltd
West African Cotton Company Limited is a company incorporated in Nigeria and is engaged in cotton ginning, selling of cotton lint to textile mills, export of cotton lint, gin motes and textile mill wastes. The company also imports cotton from other neighboring West African countries for onward sales to local textile mills.

West African Cotton Company Limited, has its ginnery (Continental Eagle 3x141 Sawains) in Funtua, Kastina State in the heart of cotton growing area of Nigeria and has a capacity to gin over 50,000 metric tons of seed cotton per season. The company is also having cotton Out Grower Scheme and Farmer Assistance Scheme through which quality inputs are distributed to loyal farmers on credit for over 12,000 hectares. The purpose of the scheme is to enhance the yield and quality of the cotton lint and to ensure that the cotton reaches the ginnery without contamination. The company has been exporting substantial quantities of cotton from Nigeria.

The subsidiary of West African Cotton Company has another Roller Ginning factory in Gombe, a state capital in North Eastern Nigeria. The plant with 36 Double Roller Gins and a High Density Bale press has a Capacity to gin about 25000mt of seed cotton.
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