West African Cotton Company Ltd
West African Cotton Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Tropical General Investments Limited, a reputed group founded by European investors. The group is well diversified into Agro Allied, manufacturing and trading operations in Nigeria, Benin Republic and Ghana . The Group has invested in two modern ginneries,one at Funtua,Katsina state and Gombe state. Both companies have extended generous support in terms of finance,improved seeds and other natural and logistics to farmers over the years.

The company also contributes to the development of cotton production zones by the way of various farmer oriented scheme. The company processes agric produce such as seed cotton and sesame seeds, which are sold in the local and international market.

Agriculture in Nigeria contributes more than 30% of GDP, thus it is the largest contributor to the Nigerian economy. Rapid growth in agriculture is essential for broad based economic growth thus, requiring sound use of science and technology embodied in improved seed, fertilizers, crop protection products and other agronomic practices. However, without an efficient and cost effective supply of these inputs at the farm gate, science based growth in agricultural productivity cannot be achieved.

As on today, agriculture input market is fragmented and under developed in Nigeria. The private sector has the potential to supply agricultural inputs in a cost effective manner.

To help develop efficient distribution system and supply quality and new agric input products in the country, West African Cotton Co. Ltd, has embarked on a bold step for accelerated agricultural growth and development by promoting science based agriculture among millions of small farmers by supplying quality Agri inputs.

With a slogan on our lips " OUR ENDEAVOR - A HAPPY AND PROGRESSIVE FARMER" the company has more than 20 crop protection products [Insecticides, Herbicides,and Fungicides] on ground, which reach the farmers at the required time through a well defined dedicated dealers network through out the country.

For proper and better use of crop protection products, the company is working closely with community based farmer group's and various national and international non- govt organisations.

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